osteopath treatmentAt your first visit to your osteopath a full case history will be taken, just as you would expect when registering with a GP. Then you will be examined (probably removing some of your clothing) and you may be asked to perform some simple movements. The osteopath will then use a highly developed sense of touch to further help with your evaluation. In some cases further tests are required (e.g. X-rays, blood tests). Many of the diagnostic procedures are also involved in conventional medicine. It is helpful to bring any X-rays or other test results with you if possible.

Treatments are ‘hands on’, involving muscle stretching, rhythmical joint movements and high velocity thrust techniques. Care is taken at all times to be gentle and safe. You may also be given some simple exercises to do at home along with general advice.

Osteopaths are skilled at detecting problems that may require further investigation or medical treatment and they will tell you if their approach is unsuitable for your complaint. You may be referred to your GP or the relevant specialist.

GDPR – We take your data protection seriously. Please read our Privacy Notice before your first appointment as we will ask for your consent for us to process your personal data. Our Privacy notice can be found in this link.

I would highly recommend Alex who has treated me for a number of years. Alex is very gentle but very effective. I always come away feeling much straighter and more comfortable.
Ms F, Church Stretton
It appears to be, and feels like an efficient, professional service. very conveniently situated too.
Mr P, Leominster

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